Monday, March 19, 2012

Sunday, Sunday

The only day of the week that neither Jason nor I work is Sunday.  While it's supposed to be a relaxing day, it tends to turn into our most productive day.  Yesterday, though, was absolutely exceptional.  That being said, we still didn't get everything done that we wanted to.


 - Did laundry.  It's harder than you'd think because we have to take the laundry to the basement laundry room in our complex.
 - Folded said laundry.  Did I mention we hadn't done laundry in two weeks?
 - Started organizing Elliott's closet.  I need to do a 40 Days, 40 Bags treatment on it, but at least I now know what I am dealing with.
 - I got a haircut.  I haven't had one in over one year.  Eek.
 - Did some light grocery shopping; We'll meal plan and do the big trip on Tuesday (followed by a trip to Rita's for free "First Day of Spring" water ice!)
 - Made baby food.  We tried pineapple (the book said 8 months was OK) and Elliott hated it.  It was just too much flavor for him, even though it was pretty mild.  Oops.
 - Finally got documents shredded.  Staples is running a deal that they will shred up to 5 pounds of documents for free.  We had 15 pounds of documents.  I went through the bag and only took the things that needed to be shredded and recycled the rest.

Pair that with meals and a fussy baby, and it looks pretty good.  It was nice to start the week off with a number of chores off the list.

I also finished Mockingjay.  I didn't love it the way I loved the first two books, but I still would read the entire series again in a heartbeat.  I'm moving on to finishing Condaleeza Rice's memoir that I started a few months ago.  Our book club meets on Sunday (at my place.  Eee.) and we'll pick a new book, so hopefully I get through a lot of her book quickly.

Fortunately, Saturday was really relaxing.  My parents came for the day and made Reubens.  We went for a walk, hung out and watched movies.  I feel like lately I don't get a day to decompress, so it was nice to have a fun, quiet day.  That night, Jason, Elliott, and I crossed the Walt Whitman to attended our friend Matt's 30th birthday party.  A lot of our friends who hadn't met Elliott yet were there, and we had a really great time.  I even made a date with Amy and Jess to see The Hunger Games on Saturday!

How was your weekend?

- M. & J.