Monday, June 25, 2012

Renters fo' Life.

When we initially decided to move to Central PA, we considered buying a house.  However, with my line of work requiring some moving around once I get my degree, and we do not want to sell a house in 4 years.  No thank you.

That said, we weren't interested in an apartment anymore.  Elliott needs a yard, I need an office, and Jason needs a kitchen he can actually play in.  We found all this (and more!) in an adorable house in the perfect location.

It has a functioning attic, office, bonus room that is actually a huge closet, big kitchen, and a yard!  That's aside from the cute touches that make the house something special.  My favorite is the stained glass in the family room and attic.

This is all incredibly exciting, but I'm most psyched about the decorating!  My class ends tomorrow, so for the rest of the summer, I'm going to document the things I do with the house.  Most of them will have the tag "DIY," so if you  miss some, check out that tag.

I also have some crochet projects to show off and other things, but this class and the commute takes up so much time.  Yeesh.

- M & J

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Boy, oh, boy have the Yingers had changes in their lives this last month since I posted.  Yeesh.

First, we moved.  Apparently, moving is one of the most stressful life events, and we've done it almost every year for the last five years.  And this move isn't even permanent!  We're living with Jason's parents until we have a new place to live, which should be in the next month or so.  We can actually start looking because...

Jason got a new job!  It even uses his degree, which anyone in the liberal arts can tell you is a big deal.  He'll be working for a company that makes and sells collectible items (coins and the like), and he'll be writing copy and doing research for them.  We are beyond thrilled, and it will hopefully make our lives easier.

Elliott is taking some time to adapt to this newest change in his life.  This is the biggest change probably since he moved into his own room back in September, so we'll just help him through it.  He doesn't nap well, and is having some other minor issues.  Hopefully once Jason starts his new job and our schedule is less hectic (read: Elliott gets more Mama and Daddy time), he'll feel less insecure.

Most of our changes have been positive, but one has definitely caused negative stress.  Jason's grandma passed away almost two weeks ago, and I know its been stressful on everyone, especially Jason's dad.  My parents, along with friends and neighbors, have been so helpful by cooking food or taking Elliott so we didn't have to cancel classes and such.  The amazing people we know and love in Central PA have come through yet again for us.

We've already had some nice evenings with friends here, including a night on the porch with J's friends and a game / homemade goodies night with my PSU buds and their families (there were 5 kids there!).  We know there are nights at the pool, more beers, and more games to be had this summer and we can't wait.

I will post pictures soon of EVERYTHING.  I haven't posted monthly photos of Elliott in forever, and we've had other adventures as well.

- M. & J.