Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Madness!

I've never really followed the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, better known as March Madness.  This is due in part to March always being a crazy month for my family.  In high school, it was the spring musical.  In college, it was the busiest social season for the Masque.  In grad school, it was (and is) conference time.  Now, March is anniversary / prepping to move / conference / midterms month.  March Madness has really never crossed my mind.  Not until my parents invited me to play the bracket with them this year.

I'm very VERY competitive.  It's sort of a shame I was never into sports, because my drive probably would have served me well (or gotten me ejected from a lot of rec center basketball games).  I know full well that the bracket is kind of up to chance.  A team can be seated at number 1, but if they have a bad night, they could lose to a #16 team.  Besides, you have to be good to get to "the big dance" anyway.  Surprises can definitely happen.

We don't have any money down.  In our game, everyone puts down what they want to win.  Nothing huge, but something fun.  I'm playing for a 1/2 bucket of hot wings at the Caddy Shack.  Mom and Dad are both playing for Stavros food.  I think Pappy is playing, but I'm not sure for what.  The prizes are just food, but very specific food.  The losers treat.

I'll let you in on my Final Four picks (I chose them because they are all number one in their divisions, and President Obama confirmed the strength of these teams by choosing them for his bracket...scientific, I know).

Final Four: Kentucky, North Carolina, Syracuse, and Michigan State.
Tournament: Kentucky and North Carolina.
Winner: North Carolina.

As of right now, I have 7 points.  Go me.

I'll be posting soon as to why I've been absent this week...Oh, it's good.

- M.