30 Bags in 30 Days 2015

The Great Purge will soon be upon us! This year, in celebration of my 30th birthday, I will be performing the challenge a little differently, which is pretty clear by the title.

Here's how I separated our home for this huge project.  I'm starting out in this order, but it's my prerogative as to when things are completed.  I'd rather finish something each day than feel bound to finishing a specific thing.  The project was inspired by Sarah over at Clover Lane.  She completes it as a Lenten challenge.

Our home is much bigger this year, so I have to re-evaluate what gets done.  Also, the first purge from 2012 did employ certain organizational techniques that stuck.  Yay!

(This is not the official order...just a running list)

1. Meg's Clothes
2. Jason's Clothes
3. Elliott's Clothes
4. Meg's Car
5. Jason's Car
6. Dance Bin
7. Master Bedroom
8. Guest Bedroom
9. Elliott's Bedroom
10. Playroom
11. Family Room
12. Laundry Room
13. Powder Room
14. Full Bath
15. Big Closet
16. Books
17. Attic Storage (will take multiple days)
18. Attic Clubhouse (will take multiple days)
19. Yard / Shed / Porch
20. Kitchen Cabinets
21. Pantry
22. Kitchen Counters
23. Sleepy Chef Station
24. iPhone
25. Computer
26. Craft Supplies
27. Filing System
28. Craft Closet
29. Office


Links to old 40D, 40B entries can be found under the tag in the word cloud!