Thursday, March 8, 2012

40 Days, 40 Bags: Days 7 and 8 and...oh who am I kidding.

Another 40 Days, 40 Bags update!

The previous post should indicate that my free time (ha!) is even more limited now that a certain little someone no longer naps when it's just him and me at the house.  I try my best, and I get little things done in the time I'm waiting for him to cry it out, but big projects are more difficult to complete.  Anyway, I've started to catch up.

Day 7: My Dresser
 - Took everything out and tried to evaluate.  I'm still in post-baby weight mode, so things that were just a little too small stayed (especially the 6 pairs of jeans that I almost fit into).  The things that got ditched were the items I hadn't worn all winter, or even since last winter.  Not a lot there, partly because when we moved in April, I purged a ton.
 - My unmentionables drawer got a through evaluation, and I can now fit my jewelry boxes in there as well.  Woot!
 - I also have three stacking round "boxes" that I put socks, tights, and odds-and-ends into.  This is where I got stuck the other day.  The odd-and-ends box was really throwing me.  I couldn't figure out what to get rid of and what to keep.  I came back to it Saturday and had no trouble.  Weird.
 - I ditched socks without mates and the ones that had lost elasticity.

Trash Bag Total: One Target bag (trash), One Trader Joe's bag (GoodWill), and two Ziploc bags (one with stuff for Mom and the other is for Maddie).

Day 8: My small closet
*Our master bedroom has a big closet with sliding doors and another that's just normal-sized.  It's mainly storage, but it's also where I put my work clothes.  It makes getting dressed in the morning easier.
 - Re-hung and organized work clothes by type and color.
 - Donated this crazy pink dress (Halloween 2010: I was painted into it then!)
 - A few months ago, Jason and I had gone through all of our files and purged the papers we no longer needed.  Then we re-organized the folders, adding ones for Elliott.  Total damage?  15 pounds of paper.  Staples is having a free shred event this month, but the limit is 5 pounds.  Looks like I'll be making three trips.
 - The memory boxes are stored here, so that's done.
 - Jason has a box to go through.
 - Went through my programs and kept only the shows I was in or saw on Broadway (sorry Masque).

Trash Bag Total (including previous purge): One life-sized Barbie dress and three Target bags.

Day 9: Foyer / Organizer
 - Took everything off the organizer and dusted it (ew.)
 - Lint-rolled (makin' up verbs) the inside of each fabric cube.
 - Took out things that were too small for Elliott.
 - Threw out other nonsense (expired sunblock, local phone book, junk mail)
 - Replaced key basket with sassy wooden key bowl.
 - Re-purposed desk organizer so I can stop forgetting my sunglasses and GPS!

Trash Bag Total: One Target bag and a broken umbrella.

It may not look like a lot, but it is so much more functional.
Day 10: Front Hall Closet
 - I thought this would have a lot more to do, but I forgot that Jason and I had purged stuff from up here over the summer.  I just re-folded and organized the winter accessories (mittens, gloves, scarves, and hats).  Therefore, no picture.  There's nothing exciting here.

That's the extent of the update.  My desk is more or less done, but there are a still a few things to move around.

- M.