Friday, February 22, 2013

Eyes and other things.

My last post indicated the intention to get sh-tuff done this week.  I can't tell you how disappointed I was when the rest of my life had other plans.

On Monday night, my right eye was itchy and watery.  I just assumed it was tired, and I put some drops in it.  Tuesday morning, it was swollen shut and painful.  I knew what this was.  Another corneal abrasion.  A trip to the doctor confirmed it, but I had to be referred to a specialist because one is not supposed to get random cuts on ones eye.  Eww.

I have relied on the kindness of parents, in-laws, siblings, and friends to get through my week.  I couldn't drive, which I only discovered after getting to school on Wednesday, so it's been a rotating series of drivers taking me to appointments, class, and work.  When I was home, it took all of my energy to do things around the house, because light, screens, and general movement aggravated my condition.  I should be in tip-top shape come Monday, but I am definitely more committed to keeping my eyes healthy anyway I can.

Suffice it to say, 40 Bags got a little turned around.  I took Friday off from life.  E went to his usual Friday haunt, and I slept, recovered, and starting getting back on track with everything.

We'll just pretend things happened when they were supposed to: (because they did get done at all)

Wednesday: Electronics.
 - Removed all of the apps I never use (or have on my tablet, which is what I use for portable internet access).
 - Removed music that I always flip by
 - Removed playlists that were created for no reason.
 - Loaded some sweet Sesame Street tunes for the little man.
 - Created some better play lists so I can make my battery last longer (by not flipping through the library).
 - Before adding the playlists, I freed up over 1 GB of space!

Thursday: Needlecraft supplies.
 - Detangled EVERYTHING.  I feel like yarn has a mind of its own and tangles with the other skeins in the drawer when I let them alone too long.
 - Reorganized the yarn by fiber.  One (very full) drawer of cotton; one of worsted; one bag of scratchy worsted; one drawer of higher end yarns; one drawer of other acrylic weights; one drawer of miscellaneous; and one drawer of finished projects awaiting shipping, purchase, or gifting.
 - Put my unfinished projects in shallow boxes on top of the drawers so I see them and get the itch to work on them.
 - Put the huge skeins of yarn in plastic bags and hung them with hangers from the bar in the closet.
 - Cleaned out my notions caddy and took stock of my hooks (all accounted for except F...I'll find it).

Saturday - Sunday: Kitchen.
 - Cleaned and stored Elliott's bottles.  We are officially off bottles.
 - Moved mugs, tea, coffee, and sugar to a cupboard next to the coffee maker.
 - Opened up two shelves.
 - Threw away a bunch of expired hot drink mixes.
 - Re-arranged Jason's baking supplies.

I also went shopping on Saturday with my mom and sister, and I found the storage pieces I've been seeking for a while.  I found a storage box for toys (that can double as a seat), two cute basket hampers for blankets, and an umbrella stroller (which will open up a lot of room in my trunk!).

*This post is crazy late, but I really haven't had the time to type it up.  I'll talk about this past week ASAP*

- Meg

Monday, February 11, 2013

Action is the foundation of all success.

That quote, in a beautifully designed desktop wall paper I found through How About Orange, has been my inspiration for the last week or so.

It may sound as though I'm being hard on myself, but I really could be more productive.  I could find better ways to do certain things, and I could watch a lot less TV.  Still, my intentions are good that that has to count for something, right?

That all said, 40 Bags 40 Days starts this Wednesday!  I have my first few days all figured out.  Unlike Sarah over at Clover Lane, I count weekends because they allow me to tackle the big projects (re-configuring the kitchen; dealing with the attic; beautifying our yard).  However, that gives me days off during the week.  I'm also going on a few conferences just before Easter, so those days are lost.

 - Wednesday, 2/13: Digital devices.  Move music around, remove unused apps, clean the screens, and get my portable life in order.
 - Thursday, 2/14: Needlecraft supplies.  I like starting with this, since it makes my goal to finish crochet projects a little easier.  I'd like to think this will be quicker than last year, but I'm not so sure.
 - Friday, 2/15: Main bathroom.  The shelves are cluttered and not as useful as I wish, and the area underneath the sink is not great looking either.  This is mainly an issue of a deep clean.
 - Saturday and Sunday, 2/16-2/17: Kitchen!  Now that we've been in our house a while, we know where things should be in order to be more efficient.  I'm especially excited about creating a coffee and tea station.

I'll try to get as many before and after pictures as possible, but these posts can get monotonous.  Therefore, I'll be keeping them to Sundays.  If I can find a way, I want to link up other home organization efforts with my own.  I'll let you know if / when that materializes.

- M.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

10 Days!

It's only 10 days until the beginning of 40 Bags, 40 Days!  My excitement is really at its height now; our landlord is renovating our powder room and mud / laundry room starting tomorrow, so I'll have a really fresh start in those two areas of the house.  Otherwise, I'm finding all kinds of things to be done, but I'm putting them off until the 13th because I just don't have the time right now.

February is turning into a very busy, but very fun, month.  Lots of birthdays, including Jason's, the Oscars, and a Ladies Day Out with the graduate school ladies.  I'm psyched.

To play hard, one has to work hard, so this is a sort and sweet entry.  I leave you with some pictures from our weekend.

My mom and Elliott.

It was my Oma's 80th birthday!

My cousin Madison and the newest addition to our extended family, Taylor.
 - M.