Saturday, March 10, 2012


I was not introduced to the gloriousness that is IKEA until post-college.  I had visited an IKEA here and there as a kid, but for a kid, this store is boring as Corn Flakes.  For an adult looking for inexpensive but sassy, modern furniture, it is the equivalent of a candy store.  As I look around my apartment right now, I can see 6 things from IKEA, and that's just from sitting on the couch.  I didn't move anywhere.

Everytime we move, we end up stopping at IKEA for some odds and ends we need at the new place.  I didn't think that would happen this last time, but moving day ended up including a very big trip to the greatest store ever.  While other, capable people were moving our things from the old house to the new apartment, my mom, mother-in-law, and myself went to IKEA and got two new dressers, an entertainment unit, and a paper towel holder.

I went yesterday to help my friend Carolyn pick up her new furniture for her sassy new place.  Elliott was as good as gold, which made the trip super easy.  I didn't intend on buying anything, but of course, we knew that wasn't going to happen.  I picked up a 12-pack of outlet covers and a set of very cute plastic placemats, all for under $5.  Woo!

They're birdies!

In short, I love IKEA and I'm sad that my next home doesn't have one nearby.  What will we do!?

 - M.