Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Few women want to describe themselves this way, but this is the best word in the English language to illustrate the way I feel.  I'm sure German has a word for my real feelings; my ancestors have a word for everything.  It has been a crazy week paired with outside annoyances.  I feel like I might accidentally sleep through Easter break because I am so exhausted.

So, what have I been up to?  Plenty.

My 40 Days, 40 Bags challenge has taken a back seat this week, but I've continued to make progress.  During last week's summer preview, I got out my summer clothing and sorted through it.  Most still fits me, but a few items went into the charity bag.  I also got rid of 4 pairs of shoes so far.  I'm sure more will get the axe, but 4 are already on their way out of my home.  Jason and I also finally found all of our boxes of books and evaluated which ones needed to go.  We have two boxes and a bag of books to either donate or sell.  When we pack to move, I have to stow my American Studies books separately.  That way, if we're still living with a parent or have things in storage come August (and come funding), I can find the books I need quickly.

I'm still anxiously awaiting notice from Penn State about funding for the fall.  That alone is adding exponentially to my stress levels.

This weekend, I am attending a conference.  I knew this would be stressful, but outside factors have increased that.  A lack of communication and no shortage of disorganization has caused even the most seasoned veteran among us to feel confused about what is expected.  Everyone in our office is stressed, and on top of that, I am trying to write a paper, edit said paper, and create an effective presentation of my material.  Normally, I would just present my research, but they now want everyone to submit a finished work.  I edit my writing within an inch of its life, so I need every possible day.  This, along with the fact that my moderator hasn't communicated with me in any way has just added to my anxiety.  It's overnight too, and I'm bummed about leaving E for the weekend.

Otherwise, I've seen The Hunger Games, which I loved; I went out for a girls' night; and I've been working on a lot of crochet projects when I can to calm my nerves.  I'm designing my first original pattern and building an afghan around it.

Sorry for the absence.  I'll post more once this weekend is over.

- M.