Friday, March 2, 2012

Separation Anxiety

My sweet bunny is going through a very strange time right now.  We're dealing with some pretty insane separation anxiety, mainly during his afternoon naps.

Before, he would wake up around 9, take a nap at 10 or 11, get up again around 11 or noon, take another nap around 2 or 3 (this is the solid, 2 hour one I can depend on), and a small cat nap around 8, especially if his earlier nap was abnormally short or early.  Bed around 10:30.  We're on a late schedule as a family anyway, so this works for us (and our pediatrician).

Now, he takes his morning nap (because Daddy is almost always the one who puts him down for that one) and no more.  I got him to sleep for a total of 45 non-consecutive minutes in each of the last two days.  He does not like it if I put him down to sleep.  When Jason and I are both home, Jason can get him to sleep, but I can't.  If Jason tries to do anything with him when I'm home, Elliott is either distracted by me or gets upset if he watches me leave the room.

It wouldn't be too bad if I wasn't in the throws of midterm week.  I have A LOT of grading to do with grades due on the 12th.  If I don't get the time do complete my work, I get very stressed.  Forget the other projects.  I use the little time I have now to do quick clean-ups and make food, and most of that is while he's in his high chair.

Does anyone have advice for me?  Re-reading the above makes it sound like I'm the one suffering, but it's only because Elliott is so distraught.  Help?

- J & M.