Wednesday, February 29, 2012

7 Months!

I can't believe I forgot to put up a 7-month post about Elliott!

He had his 6 month appointment on the 16th (our pediatrician is incredibly busy, and our appointments keep getting further and further apart), and he is doing really well.

 - Weight: 17 pounds, 6 ounces (50%) We thought he was sooo much bigger!
 - Length: 26 1/4" (15%)
 - Head circumference: (85%)

He had the last series of a couple of vaccinations, which I'm thrilled about.  I think the shots are more difficult for the parents at this point than the kids.  He was a total champ!  He cried for a minute after the vaccine that apparently burns a little, but by the time we had him back in his jacket and such, he was all smiles.  Mama and Daddy "rewarded" themselves with Wendy's.

Here are some 7 month pictures!


Our happy boy!

Snoopy, who was a Christmas gift from Aunt Sarah.  It came with a pre-recorded storybook of "A Charlie Brown Christmas."
 - J & M.