Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Purge is Upon us...

As I mentioned, I had goals for each month.  In short, I did not meet my January goals.  I stayed on top of things, but I did not get ahead the way I wanted to.  Oh well.  I have a 6-month old.  It's almost a miracle that I stayed on top of things.

Now, we are halfway through February.  I have actually done some things toward this goal.  I put my new silverware in the drawer and put away the old stuff.  I'm saving it because you never know when you might need an extra fork.  My pantry is slowly getting cleaned out as well.  We're trying to use the things we have before we buy anything new (that isn't necessary...I'm talking about crackers, chips, cookies, candy...).  Again, my goal is to have my kitchen re-organized and slimmed down by the end of the month.  The fridge will get a good clean out and scrubbing soon too.  That will make a possible May move much easier.

Lent is one week away, so I'm planning and prepping for my modified 40 Days, 40 Bags challenge.  I'm not super religious, but I really like the cleansing idea of Lent.  I got the 40 Days, 40 Bags idea from Clover Lane, which is a blog about simple living and parenting.  She's got 5 kids and uses this time to get her house in order.  She purges every room.  Now, I do a little cleaning out whenever I get stressed, so some rooms may have a lot less than others.  I'm also not purging clothing in the same way I used to since I'm still in baby-body transition.  However, things will get cleaned out.  I'm also purging my yarn supply and doing a square-a-day blanket for the length of Lent.  Whatever results will be my first posting when I open up my Etsy shop in April!  It will help "stash bust" and allow me to move my craft things easier.

I'm already starting my prep for March's Movie Madness as well.  I saw "The Artist" last weekend (Amazing!) and that will start my month of movie reviews over at Spoiler Alert.

My book challenge is a little behind, but I'm in the middle of about 7 books.  I'll finish those soon and be back on track.

I won't even comment on my fitness challenge.  :/

A separate 7-month post is forthcoming, but Elliott is 7-months today!  He has a well-visit tomorrow, so full stats then.

Jason's currently waiting on the results from the first round of a short story contest he is in.  He's getting great feedback on his political satire piece (the genre was pre-chosen), so we're hoping he moves to the next round.

- J & M.