Saturday, February 18, 2012

Preparation, preparation

I'm very strange when it comes to organization.  I'm a little right brained, which means I'm probably not going to show up on the cover of Organized Living magazine, but I like finding a place for everything and putting everything in its place.  I just have to ensure that I can do that over and over again.  For instance, I realized that putting my hair things (elastics, flowers, headbands) in the closet would look nicer, putting them under the sink (where real estate is at a premium) ensures that those things get back to where they need to be.  I put them where I use them, when possible.

As I considered my Lenten resolution, I realized that if I don't plan this out, I'll forget things and not get the most out of this experience.  I read all the posts on Clover Lane about her 40 Days 40 Bags Challenge, I looked through my Martha Stewart Housekeeping Guide (which might be bigger than the Bible) for every tip and thing I should clean, and I am now making lists.  I LOVE LISTS.

I separated my house into areas.  I didn't attempt to get to 40; I live in a 2-bedroom apartment, so there isn't that much space.  However, I'm at 30 right now.  I'm impressed.  It's not just rooms and closets.  It's dressers, organizers, and even my computer and web presence.  Did you ever think about how many email lists you're on?  I'm still on vendor lists from my wedding...which was almost 2 years ago.  Oy.

In order to hold myself even more accountable for my end goal, I'm going to do weekly posts about my progress, complete with before and after pictures.  I have lots of great inspiration to take from: Clover Lane, Design Mom, Busy Bee Lauren, The Blog of MJ, and of course, Pinterest!  The internet can be a beautiful thing.  How did our moms get by without the online mom community?  I'm trying to make this blog something bigger too, so hopefully I get a few more regular readers in the next few months.

Final note: I cannot think of a name for my future Etsy shop.  Help!?

 - M & J.