Wednesday, February 29, 2012

40 Days, 40 Bags: Days 5 & 6

I combined the linen / bathroom closet and the bathroom itself into a two-day task.  I realized that especially when it comes to my limited bathroom storage, these two go hand-in-hand.

Day 5 consisted of planning and testing.  Day 6 will be the finishing touches.

Day 5
 - I had already cleaned out my bathroom baskets (where I keep stores of soap and such, as well as the things I use everyday).  This took a lot of time out.
 - I cleaned Jason's basket, threw out expired things, and put his soap and other extras in the basket.
 - Re-folded all of the sheet sets and matched top sheets, fitted sheets, and pillow cases (we usually just use the fitted sheet).
 - Re-folded bath linens for both the adults and the kid.
 - Rolled the beach towels
 - Cut the mildewed edge off of an old shower curtain to use as a drop cloth under Elliott's high chair.   Bonus: It matches his bedroom set too!
 - Re-organized Elliott's bath things.
 - Re-folded E's sheets, Pack 'n' Play sheets, and other linens.
 - Because I had already cleaned out his room, I was able to put the sheets closer to where they will be needed, should he require a middle-of-the-night sheet change (every parent knows this is a sad reality).

Trash Bag Total (including the aforementioned previous clean-out): 2 Target bags

Day 6
 - Took everything back out of the closet.  I wasn't going to have it sit around all day.  Besides, it let me try out a format that we decided will not work.
 - Eliminated the expired things from the medicine box.
 - Put necessary items under the sink that should have always been there (ie: toilet paper, air freshener)
 - Threw away this little round brush I had that didn't do anything and was kind of gross.
 - Threw away a sitz bath.  I'm not moving that thing in a few months.
 - Gave the items that would stay in the closet their new homes.
 - Got input from Jason on what he wanted.  His main request was that the medicine box be easy to access should he slice his finger open again with the mandolin slicer (eek!).  I thought that was reasonable.
 - Cleaned out this little drawer thing in the bathroom that was covered in soap scum.  It is now clean, happy, and dry in the closet.  It houses little things like tweezers, clippers, emergency matches and candles, and chapsticks.  Those little things seem to never have a good place to keep them.

Trash Bag Total: 1 Target Bag and a sitz bath

The bathroom and its linen closet are now organized.  This makes me especially happy because it will allow me to see what we have and need in terms of supplies.  Basically, we're good for a while on soap, toothpaste, and chapstick.

On a hilarious note, I came home from work today (it was my really long day) and found a big pile of books and another pile of video games stacked on the table.  I had wanted Jason to do this at some point, but I hadn't really mentioned it.  It wasn't urgent.  We'll sell some books, get store credit at GameStop for new Wii and computer games, and give other books away.  I asked him over dinner what inspired this sudden clean out.  I mean, he was home alone with E all day.  A squirmy 7-month old does not make this organization thing easy.

Turns out, he had watched a couple of episodes of Hoarders, that show on A&E that shows truly ill people and their horrifying homes.  It's very upsetting, and I will never watch an episode.  While our house is NOTHING like that, he said the mere idea of it sent him into organizing / cleaning-out mode.

Hey bud, whatever floats your boat.

Pictures soon.  Tomorrow and Thursday: I clean out my dresser and smaller bedroom closet.  Eeee.

 - J & M.