Sunday, August 19, 2012

Back to School!

Tomorrow is my first day of being a Ph.D. student.  We have orientation for teaching all week, then classes (both my students' and my own) start up on the 27th.  I spent the weekend relaxing and mentally preparing myself for what is about to happen.  We spent Saturday in Philly (sans Elliott; he spent a night at Chez Nana and Grandpa's for a relaxing night of being spoiled).  It was like being a college student again, but just the fun stuff.  Deep conversations, laughing a lot, playing drinking games, and being around some of my favorite people in the world.  We came home late (or early?) last night because we're old and wanted our own bed.

This morning (a mere 4 1/2 hours after going to bed), I got up and went with my parents to Mt. Gretna's annual Art Show.  It was my mom's birthday present from me and my sister.  Mt. Gretna, for those who are unaware, is a lake community tucked back in the woods of a Chautauqua resort.  The people who live there have these amazing little cottages and homes that are full of character.  My mom always says she wants to live there, and I couldn't disagree with her.  The Art Show (this was its 38th year) is a juried arts and craft fair with music, food, and nature all around.  This isn't a local craft fair; the vendors have to submit pieces and are chosen to have booths.  A more traditional arts and craft fair is across the street.  We had a lovely day shopping, eating ice cream, and trying not to be stung by bees who wanted our ice cream.  If you have never been, it's amazing.  I'll try to give a heads up on here when the 2013 show is.

My t-shirt has a different design, but I couldn't find it online.

Now, I'm at home, Elliott's in bed, and I'm putting the final touches on my office before I pack my school bag.  Most things are put away, but there are always the odds and ends, and I want to be able to sit at my desk tomorrow evening and get my work done.  I'll pick out an outfit tonight and get my things together tonight so there isn't a mad rush in the morning.

What an exciting week!  I'm actually ready for summer to wind down, and for our family to get back on a schedule.  Enjoy the last moments of summer.

- M. & co.