Tuesday, August 14, 2012

At 100.

This is our 100th post!  Considering that I'm not the most consistant blogger, I'm surprised that 100 is already here.

We've been engaged, got a kitten, married, moved, got pregnant, moved, had a baby, got into grad school, moved, and moved.  We've changed jobs, changed careers, and been blessed.

In this next 100, I'm hoping to have more "regular" series so I can plan blogs to post during the busy times of the semester.  We'll talk fall cleaning, Halloween, back-to-school, Christmas, crafts and DIY, 40 Days 40 Bags, and Easter.  Jason has been taking a hiatus from his blog, but has a number of entries in process, so I'll be sure to link up to those.

What would you like to see?

Thanks for sticking with us to 100.  Here's to 100 more!

- M. and co.