Thursday, August 16, 2012

Favorite Blogs.

I'm not the most active blogger (ha!), but I visit my blog everyday to check for comments to moderate and to read my favorite blogs.  There are certain ladies who I want to hear from every single day.  I'm always disappointed when they don't post (which considering my track record is quite hypocritical).  Since I love these ladies' blogs so much, I figured I should pass them along.

*These are people I don't know personally.  I check my friends blogs everyday too, because they are my friends.*

Clover Lane: This mom of 5 (almost 6) has one motto: simple = happiness.  She is the home of hte 40 Day, 40 Bags challenge, as well as a number of great and practical ideas.  She is sending one off to college in a few weeks...just a few days after she is due with number 6!  Her posts are going to get sparse so she can spend time with this new little one, but she has an archive filled with great advice and stories.

Design Mom: She is the queen of mom blogs, in my opinion.  Also a mother of 6 (what a trend), she and her family have lived in France for hte last 18 months.  She always has neat ideas, giveaways, and projects.  Her family has even created a web series called "Olive Us," which shows the kids doing various projects.  They are all adorable characters, and it's so much fun to see these siblings getting along and working together.

MODG: Totally irreverent mom-blog who hails from the Philly area.  She's expecting #2, and she is a lot more open about the imperfections of parenting and life.  She revels in them.  She's a breath of fresh air among the mom blogs who see themselves as beacons of perfect parenting (which I avoid).

Early Mama: I've actually been featured on this blog, but I volunteered because I believe in her mission of bringing together women who have decided to pursue marriage, parenting, and life at an age that is being considered "earlier."  People see me as an "early mom," despite the fact that I was older than my mother had been when I got married and about the same age when I had my first child.  It's a great support system.

You Go Girl!: This is a new favorite.  She doesn't post as often as I wish, but it's because she's working on all kinds of different craft projects and tutorials.  She is also a mom of 5 girls (which includes a set of triplets), all of whom are teenagers.  I'm really enjoying reading her archives right now, and I plan on making some "posh pillowcases" soon.

Check these out the next time you lack quality blog material to read.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

They are always available in the side links marked "Inspiration."

- M.