Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Crafty Lady Day.

Have I been busy with crafts or what?!  I wanted to get as many in-progress projects completed as possible before school starts.  The best stress reliever for me is to start projects, not finish them, so if I have a clean slate, I can start projects when I need a break.

I'm not even just talking about crochet, but other crafty / DIY projects as well.  Here's what I have been working on:

Commissioned booties, modified for a summer baby.

Hat for Jason to match the scarf I made him last fall.
Booties for the Etsy store!

In progress: Cupcake potholder for me!

Long term project: Hunger Games afghan.  This is the District 8 square.

Office organizer!  Tutorial to come.

Owl hat for my cousin's baby shower.
"Whatever" cotton cloth for my cousin's baby shower.
As you can see, my hooks have been busy.  Overall, I'm just trying to get my house in order and my brain prepared for the new school year.

Most of our summer has looked like this:
Look at this little guy!
We have a full weekend ahead of us, and school starts NEXT WEEK.  It's an orientation week, but I have to be at school every day all day, which is nothing like my schedule come the 27th.  It will probably throw Elliott off, but we'll get him back on track soon.

- M. & co.