Sunday, December 9, 2012

Two Weeks.

When I was pregnant, I really considered everything that went into my body.  I drank a lot of water, ate more green leafy veggies and protein, and exercised.  I got out of the habit of exercising during those 6 weeks of rest after giving birth, and although I've tried to get back on the exercise train, it hasn't become a real habit.  I drink more water than pre-pregnancy, but not near enough.  My diet is a joke.  It's difficult to eat well on our campus...very difficult...and very expensive.

I saw this list of things to try for two weeks.  You add another one each day, and they are real baby steps on the path to living healthier.  I figure I'll give it a try and report back here periodically.

Day 1: Have a piece of fruit (12/10)
Day 2: Drink 1.5 L of water (12/11)
Day 3: Regulate your meals (12/12) - My 27th birthday!
Day 4: Make a healthy meal / snack choice (12/13)
Day 5: Go for a gentle walk (12/14)
Day 6: Throw a compliment at someone (12/15)
Day 7: Drink 2 L of water (12/16)
Day 8: Get up earlier (12/17)
Day 9: Make another healthy meal choice (12/18)
Day 10: Do a plank (12/19)
Day 11: Spend 10 minutes gently stretching (12/20)
Day 12: Have a portion of green veggies (12/21)
Day 13: Substitute an unhealthy snack (12/22)
Day 14: Powerwalk (12/23)

That takes us right up to Christmas Eve.  Those two days are BUSY BUSY BUSY, so I'm not going to try fitting in anything specific.  It'll be challenge enough to keep things regular enough for Mr. E.

Finally, I have exciting news: I'm making my debut as a guest contributor to Early Mama this week!  I wrote about making spaces at home, work, and school for the student mom.  My articles there will be primarily for early moms / students, particularly graduate students, which is a very underserved group.  I know not all of my readers fall into either category, but I hope to drop some general wisdom for graduate students and younger moms alike.  I'll be sure to link up when the article appears (probably Tuesday or Wednesday).  

I'm also turning 27 this week, so there's that.  

- M.