Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 1: Eat a piece of fruit.

Okay, this one was pretty easy.  Since Elliott started on solids, we've had a lot more fresh foods in our house.  I had a banana with lunch and that was that.  It could have been a little riper, but oh well.  However, I brought it from home.  If I hadn't packed a snack and had to rely on the cafeteria, I would have had to choose between melon and more melon.  Not in season, no thank you.

Tomorrow is drink 1.5 L of water.  I drank water only today just to see how much I normally drink if I have a water bottle.  I actually drink one liter to begin with, so tomorrow is going to involve a lot of trips to the little ladies room, but it won't feel like a burden.  The exercise days are going to suck.

Semester is almost over.  I got my early birthday present (a sweet sweet new camera).  Going out for my birthday for the first time in three years.  Life is pretty good.

- M.