Saturday, December 15, 2012

Days 2 - 5, a Recipe, and some Thoughts.

The rest of the week just FLEW by.  It was the last week of classes, so I was just trying to keep up with all of the end of the year stuff.  Here's how I'm doing on my 2 week challenge - Poorly.  I might do something on its first day, but then I fail to carry it through.  I have been drinking my water, mainly because I have an annoying cold.

Day 2: Drink 1.5 L of water (12/11) - 1 L again, but I at least drank water.
Day 3: Regulate your meals (12/12) - My 27th birthday! - Impossible.  Students in and out during office hours.  Birthday, not my healthiest days.  No regrets.
Day 4: Make a healthy meal / snack choice (12/13) - Another crazy day and I didn't even think about what I was eating.  Eeee.
Day 5: Go for a gentle walk (12/14) - Unless you count walking from my car to the bar and back again when I went out for my birthday, no walk was had.  

Maybe I have to start over again.  


As promised, here is a recipe!  We made it tonight, and it goes well with almost any green veggie and starch. 

Buffalo Chicken Bites

- 2 - 3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cubed to your liking (I like 1" - 2")
- 1/2 cup flour
- Frank's Red Hot Sauce
- Salt and pepper
- Olive Oil

1. In a medium sized bowl, place flour and mix in salt and pepper evenly.
2. Heat large pan over medium heat; pour oil to cover the bottom of the pan.  You may need to refresh the oil if all the chicken doesn't fit in the pan at once.
3. Cover each cube with flour and place in pan.  Brown on all sides.
4. Over mostly baked cubes, shake Red Hot Sauce.  This is completely to taste.  If you have little ones who are sensitive to hot things (Elliott's favorite snack is Hot 'n' Spicy Cheezits, so this is not an issue), you can use honey mustard, BBQ sauce, or some other sauce you enjoy.  
5.  A few more moments in the pan, and you're done!  

It's super easy, and usually yields leftovers, at least for our family.  They also re-heat well, so they make great lunches (packed and at home).


Finally, some thoughts.  The events of yesterday have definitely upset me, but not just because I'm outraged that something like this happened again.  My sister is a first grade teacher.  She adores her students and just knowing that these little ones were the same age as her kiddos makes it even more real.  I'm planning on writing my Congressman and Senator, and hopefully you are too.  Around the holidays, it is easy to find a lot of worthy charities and ways to help.  One of my favorite blogs, MODG, is running a program where those in need can make requests, and those of us who can help try to make their holidays easier.  

- M.