Sunday, December 9, 2012

Favorite Things: Work / School

Dear Readers: Welcome (or welcome back!)

As Christmas approaches, I find that many of my favorite blogs do series highlighting their favorite things.  I thought, "Gee, I like things."  So, here is the first of my lists.  I also plan on having lists for books, house, kids, craft, beauty, and man.  But first: Work and school supplies!

I L-O-V-E office supplies.  It's part of my Type A-ness.  Without further ado, organization!

Moleskine Le Petit Prince Weekly Planner - Large ($22.95)

I am a Moleskine fanatic, so it should be noted that I have used a Moleskine planner for the last three years exclusively.  The year I had Elliott, I even bought a second planner that had a monthly calendar, so I could keep track of EVERYTHING.

2012 saw me using the Extra Large soft cover Weekly planner.  The layout is the best.  One side has each day of the week with plenty of space to write appointments and lists, while the other side is just lined paper.  Here I put a weekly to-do list, list of readings for class, craft assignments, and chores.

2013 will see me using the Special Edition Le Petit Prince Weekly Planner.  I find that book enchanting, so I was in love with the little address book, desk calendar, and cover illustrations.  It's also hardback.  They also have Peanuts, Star Wars, and Lego planners (I didn't know about them when I bought the Petit Prince planner, because you can bet I'd have a Star Wars planner).

Papermate Flair Felt-Tipped Pens (16 Pack) ($23.99)

One of my best friends and I became obsessed with these in college.  We used it for projects and our notes in class and our notes to each other on our bathroom mirror.  We are never without them.  The colors are really vibrant and fun, my favorites being navy, tangerine, lime, and plum.

Staples Better View Binders (any size) (starts at $8.99)

These are far and away the best binders for long term projects, research, or even a home organization binder.  They have an insert for a cover sheet, as well as an easy-to-insert spine label.  They come in a lot of sizes and fun colors.  I use mine for my professional development materials and for my genealogical research (3").

Mead Flex Hybrid Notebook ($14.59)

The Staples binders are good for things you don't need to carry around, but the Mead Flex Hybrid Notebooks are lightweight, and they have dividers and paper already inside.  I use them for teaching and for conferences, since they are easy to travel with as well.

Avery Style Edge Insertable Dividers ($5.19)

Dividers are dividers, but if you need them to last long term, I highly recommend these.  They are sturdy plastic and reusable.  They are also pretty colors.  So, there's that.

I have a real thing for office supplies and this post could go on for days, so I'll end there.  Any other questions about the supplies I use / love?  Comment!

- M.