Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Crafty Lady Goes Overboard.

I have a confession:

I went to the craft store twice this week.  I even took Elliott on one of the trips because I felt it was essential that I went on Tuesday before grocery shopping.


It all started when I got it in my head that Elliott needed a new hat for winter.  He really does.  I made him one last year, but I'm pretty sure it won't fit.  Even if it does, he needs something warmer this year.  So, off to the store we went.  I had a coupon for 50% off my entire purchase (sale, clearance, what-have-you), so I figured I could get some fall decor and cotton yearn too.  I paid very little for my stuff, and I got E a neat twisted blue yarn for a nice, bulky winter hat.

I had more coupons though, and those didn't kick on until today.  I knew I wouldn't have time again during the week, and they are really good coupons.

So I went again this morning.  Alone.  I set out to buy all the materials for all the projects I plan to take on any time soon.

This week I purchased:
 - 1 skein of bulky yarn for E's hat.
 - 2 balls of cotton yarn for a mat I'm making.
 - gel window stickies (leaves)
 - Halloween gel window stickies (that glow in the dark!)
 - little scarecrow for the yard.
 - 1-one pound skein of yellow yarn for a baby blanket.
 - 1 yard of fabric for a front door curtain.
 - a glue gun (how did I not have one before?!)
 - spray adhesive.
 - paper cutter.
 - a jumbo pack of embroidery floss for my grandparents' Christmas present.
 - Fall themed table runner.
 - fall / owl themed vinyl table cloth.

Nothing was purchased "for kicks."  I had next to no fall decor, and I got all of this for 50% off.

I can't wait to show you the outcome of all of these projects and decorations!

- M.

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