Monday, September 10, 2012

Meal Planning

In my not-so-humble opinion, meal planning is essential to maintaining a personal budget.  I actually learned this habit from Sara, who always pre-packed lunches for her internship our senior year.  She goes months sometimes without buying lunch out.  When I consider how much money that saves her just to plan lunch, it's pretty convincing.

Anyway,  because of our schedule, I end up planning almost every meal, as well as how Elliott will eat what Jason and I are eating.  I get stuck in ruts A LOT.  I thought I'd post our meal ideas to help my readers...reader?  Oh, who cares.

Note: On work days, I have an instant breakfast shake and toast or an English muffin.

Monday: Lunch (packed) - Turkey sandwich with mayo, tomato, and colby-pepper jack cheese.      
               Dinner (packed) - Steak salad with lime, oil, and vinegar dressing.

Tuesday: Breakfast - pancakes (it's my day off)
               Lunch - PBJ and mandarin oranges
                Dinner - Taco night! (Elliott will probably have veggies and a baby food.  Tacos are spicy.)

Wednesday: Lunch (packed) - Beef quesadilla with all the fixin's.
                    Dinner - Grilled cheese with tomato soup (topped with Hot 'n' Spicy Cheez-its)

Thursday: Breakfast - waffles (I have my Thursday mornings off too)
                 Lunch - Pasta and hot dogs (not together...)
                  Dinner - DIY (class night...I'm thinking Neato Burrito for Mama).

Friday: Lunch (packed) - Pasta with homemade red sauce; salad.
            Dinner - Pulled pork in the crock-pot

Not that any of these are intense meals, but our weeks are crazy.  The pulled pork recipe is from Real Simple, and it is amazing.

Do you meal plan?  What are some of your go-to-meals?

- M.