Thursday, September 13, 2012

Plastic Bags Everywhere!

I've been an active supporter of the "reusable bag" idea for a long time.  Even in college, I tried to have a couple with me at the store.  Try as I might, I don't always remember.  Perhaps the last big trip took all the bags out of the car, and when I need to take a quick trip in for produce and milk, I'm left NOT holding the bag.  Therefore, I end up with plastic bags.  The Giant has a place for us to take them to be recycled, but we also need some around the house for emergency diaper disposal and everyday kitty litter duty.

Anyone who is on Pinterest has seen the tutorial on using an old Clorox wipes container as a pop-up plastic bag dispenser.  As much as I love Pinterest, I'm always a little skeptical that something is going to work until I am completely done with the project.

It really works.

The tutorial is here at Tater Tots and Jello.

As a side note, I'm using scrapbook paper (since I don't really have fabric around), and I easily put 14 bags in mine, not 12.  I also had a lot of usable bags (bags with holes went to the Giant to be recycled), so I started a second roll, and just put a rubber band around it until I have enough bags and another container.

They suggest stowing one in the car, but mine will be in my laundry room (until I can make a second) taking up far less room than the big ol' bag-o-bags did.  It will also open up a hook in the mud room for jackets, now that fall is around the corner.

It was really simple and I'm oddly satisfied with having done something from Pinterest, even something this easy.

*Pictures soon*

- M.