Sunday, September 30, 2012

Equality in a Marriage.

Before I was married, or even really in a serious relationship, I believed equality in a relationship was key.  Stay-at-home dads are cool, moms mowing the lawn seemed normal, and cooking dinner together would be mundane.

I was right on most of these points, although I haven't mowed a lawn in years.

Jason and I are pretty equal.  Our contributions to the house are on par with each other, and we support each other with projects and school and everything else.  Jason is a great chef, and I definitely  have some "handyman" blood running my veins.

The one thing I never counted on was having a husband who actually likes to decorate.  I look around at linens and I know that this is not normal.  If so, the flowery, lacy bedspreads would not sell as well as I think they do.  As we've been purchasing things for the new house (curtains, etc.) and new bedding (we got a bigger mattress, so we need new sheets and such), Jason has definite and deep feelings about color schemes, fabrics, and home decor as a whole.

My aunt also said she has this "problem," so I know I'm not alone.  Decorating our new bedroom has been a team effort, and since I only have so much brain power to devote to so many things, Jason has really taken the lead on the major elements.  We bought our new bedset today (so many decorative pillows!), and he may even get the accent wall paint this afternoon.  Our mattress arrives on Thursday morning, and I can't wait to get the bedframe soon.

Fortunately, Jason lets me have my other domestic moments, such as my recent project to make laundry day more efficient and organize our office.

I promise a house tour soon, but there are still major elements missing.  It will probably end up being a "Christmastime / Home tour."  My goal is to have our piano by Christmas so we can have carol singing with our very first Christmas at home.

- M.