Thursday, February 3, 2011

Right on Track

Baby Yinger is right on track, as is Mama.

We had our monthly doctor's appointment today, and it went well. Baby's heartbeat is 145 b/min., I am finally gaining weight, and the baby measured right on track as well. The doctor said I just need to continue eating right.

Dr. B also reminded me to be VERY careful with the icy sidewalks and such. She was on call the other day and so many of her patients were pregnant women who had slipped and fell. As she put it: "Be careful. Don't be a 'trauma'." If I fall, I'm supposed to call and come in ASAP. This makes me so nervous! I've been very careful, but some of our neighbors have not been very diligent with the snow and ice clean-up on their sidewalks, so I do risk it sometimes. La Salle and Philly U have been wonderful with snow clean-up and salt, and as a result, I feel pretty safe. Last Wednesday, I was battling a cold and they sent us home early, so I called security to shuttle me to the parking lot. I just didn't feel like "sucking it up" and walking. I don't like giving in to what looks like the "pregnant lazies*," but sometimes I think it's for the best.

Not much else is going on here. We're gearing up for a busy weekend (the show I'm in has a number of activities and fittings going on this weekend) and we're already feeling tired.

- J & M.

*Pregnant lazies: asking for help when you are just feeling lazy and use pregnancy as an excuse. Not to be confused with actually being really tired, sick, or in pain. I also want to feel like a 25-year old as long as possible and being pregnant makes you feel physically old very quickly. :/ All week last week I felt like I had to tell complete strangers that I was pregnant to explain why I wasn't helping my roommates or husband shovel the heavy snow or push the car out of ice. I don't know why I have that impulse. I guess I don't want people to think I'm lazy.