Monday, January 17, 2011

There is a method to our madness...

When we first got Barney (the kitten), he had this tendency to lick the shower and other similar surfaces, sometimes just after I had cleaned them. While he never got sick, this definitely made me nervous. I decided to check into more natural cleaning products. I found a spray from Method for everyday in the shower, so I bought it. After that, I was hooked. If I needed to buy a new cleaning supply, it was Method. Recently, my cousin (who is also expecting) and I were discussing what kind of products to use around baby, and she also suggested Method. That's kind of how I got Jason on board. He wasn't against them, but he also didn't see why I was suddenly obsessed with them.

To boot, everything smells really good. The first product I actually bought a while ago was hand soap, just because it was one of the best smelling on the shelf. These are the products I have personally used and can vouch for:

- Cucumber Multi-Surface: I use this for glass and for casual cleaning on the surfaces in our bathroom. It is fantastic on the mirrors.
- Ylang-Ylang Daily Shower Spray: The ventilation in our last two bathrooms has been terrible, but this product still seems to make a difference. If nothing else, it makes the bathroom smell nice.
- Eucalyptus Mint "le scrub": This is their bathroom scrub, and considering the remark about our bathroom ventilation, it is a miracle worker. It also comes equipped with this handy sponge holder on top. The top of the bottle is notched so you can put a sponge in it and let it dry properly. This is especially nice because we have a stall shower (read: no faucet to rinse while cleaning), so we leave it all in the shower in order to clean it while we shower. We also use it on the tub, sink, and potty.
- Sea Minerals Hand Wash: It's hand soap. It works well and smells nice. It also comes in a ton of other scents, if sea minerals isn't your thing. Finally, if you have nice soap dispensers in your bathrooms, they have these scents in a refill bag.

No matter what surfaces you may have in your home, they have a cleaner for it. Jason was especially impressed that they have granite and steel cleaners. If you have little ones with allergies or sensitivities, the website provides a breakdown of each ingredient, its purpose, and its health and environmental impacts. Aside from traditional cleaning products, they have a baby line and laundry line, which we might try soon, but the laundry line seems a little expensive for the amount we need.

Is there a product you can't live without and you think I should know about? Let me know...I'm new to the happy homemaker thing.

- J & M.

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  1. those sound great! where do you purchase them? i'd like to change to some more natural products. i swear by my steam cleaner for floors. sanitizes without chemicals, it just uses water to make steam.