Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Elliott Zachary

Yesterday was our 20-week / mid-pregnancy ultrasound, and we got one of our first real glimpses at our little one.

It's going to be a boy!

When we found out we were pregnant, one of the first things we discussed was if we would find out the gender at this point. Jason was adamant: He had to know. I, however, was firmly in the other court (following in the footsteps of almost my entire generation in my family): No way. As time wore on though, I wanted to know more and more about this little being who made my mornings interesting and was making my clothes tighter. I started to waver. Jason knew it was time to make his case and convince me to know the gender ahead of time. I caved.

Part of the reason I switched teams was because while I get to carry the baby and know the baby, Jason doesn't get a lot of these experiences. He wants to be a really involved dad. If we could afford it, he would be a stay-at-home dad and be the happiest man on earth. So, this seemed like something I could provide him at this point.

So, it's a boy. His name is Elliott Zachary. He is perfect in terms of growth (after she measured, she asked my due date again, and he is right on track to the day). He weighs 15 ounces. He loves to roll around and flip. We even saw him do it on the ultrasound. Everything is 100% good. We'll post some pictures soon. He's perfect.

- J & M.