Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Meal Plan: June 24 - June 30


I'm in a meal planning rut.  I have a number of go-to recipes, but I'm starting to look for some new, simple meals.  My summer class starts tomorrow too, so I need simple and something that travels well.

In that spirit, I'm going to try to post my meals for the week to inspire my readers (Hi Mom, Sara, and MJ).

Last Week:
 - Monday - Chicken Parm (Jason makes the most amazing chicken parm in our cast iron skillet)
 - Tuesday - Quesadillas (I went meatless with black beans)
 - Wednesday - Cayenne Lime Chicken with Rice and Mango salsa (one of my favorites)
 - Thursday - Burgers and red potatos
 - Friday - Dinner at J's parents
 - Saturday - Wendy's (we eat out so little anymore, and we had spent the entire day out and about)
 - Sunday - Dinner at my parents' house (Dad's burgers!)

This Week:
 - Monday - Nancy's Chicken Salad (It's not for sandwiches; it's a chunky salad with very little mayo)
 - Tuesday - Tacos (Beef tacos with DIY seasoning)
 - Wednesday - Crock Pot Pork BBQ (Jason cooks!)
 - Thursday - Cheesy Crab Soup
 - Friday - Breakfast for dinner (Pancakes, eggs to order, and bacon)
 - Saturday - Out of town
 - Sunday - ? (We almost always end up with leftovers, an invite out, or dinner with our parents, so we'll just move meals around if need be)

I only want to eat cold things for dinner, but that's pretty difficult.  The chicken salad was the perfect dinner for last night, so if you have any similar suggestions, I'd appreciate them.

- M.