Monday, June 24, 2013

The Sleepy Chef's Workstation

Jason has developed a passion for cooking and baking over the last few years, and it is hopefully going to grow into a business in the next few years.  He bakes something good at least once a week, but it made our kitchen table into his workstation, meaning that we didn't have a kitchen table.

A few months ago, we purchased an Expedit bookshelf from the "as-is" section of IKEA.  It had a small cosmetic flaw, but is lovely otherwise.  We thought we'd use it as a bookshelf (duh), but over time, Jason realized it would make a wonderful kitchen storage piece.  

This weekend, my dad and Jason put on their toolbelts and got to work.  The biggest project was attaching the wheels.  They bought strong, silver wheels with locks.  

In total cost: 
 - Expedit bookshelf (AS IS): $35 (normally $90 for the 8-unit)
 - Expedit cabinet door: $20
 - Expedit insert with drawers: $25
 - 6 locking wheels: about $5 / piece

IKEA makes kitchen islands and carts with wheels, but nothing like this.  Even if we had bought the largest cart with wheels, we would have spent at least $100 more!

Really, it's just a matter of attaching the wheels evenly on the bottom of the bookshelf.  With the wheels, it's the perfect height, and when we don't need the extra counter space, we can roll it to the side.  

It's already in use!

The wheels.

- M.