Sunday, November 13, 2011

It's How Elliott Rolls...

Since we were all battling colds and midterms, I haven't updated much.  However, based on the number of projects I've finished, I'm pretty cool with that.

First, I have a goal to be back at pre-pregnancy weight by my 26th birthday.  It's a month away, and I'm only about 5 pounds away, so a totally do-able goal.  I want to be back in shape by April (the first possible time I would end up at the beach...outlandish, I know).  I'm trying to eat better (although I have a real weakness for sweets and things that are easy to make).  I'm starting a work-out regimen that includes yoga, walking, and pilates.  That being said, Jason's making "Once a Year Cupcakes" tonight.  They're yellow cupcakes with chocolate icing...and filled with cookie dough.

Elliott is growing up too fast.  There, I said it.  He's starting to teethe (what?!), rolling over, working on sitting up, and developing a personality.  When I look at him, I don't see a newborn, but almost a little kid.  It doesn't help that he's at a healthy weight, so he just looks bigger.  Here's a video of him rolling over:

Finally, I'm finally (FINALLY) learning to get things done with Elliott is actually awake.  I go to work a little earlier than usual (like, 20 minutes earlier), and I manage to get a lot more done at work.  This way, I can more or less keep work at work (for now).  It helps me enjoy my time with Elliott more.  My mind is here with him, rather than in my work bag.  If I need to clean, I set him up in his bouncy-chair and talk to him while I clean.  I'm sure it's exciting, but at least we are still learning words and singing.  Finally, I save leisure projects (crochet, blogging) for naps.  I know I only have an hour (more if I'm lucky) to work, so I get my mind in gear and focus.  As a result, I have completed a number of projects that have been in my "to-do" box for YEARS.  Honestly.  Not finishing projects had nothing to do with lack of time, just lack of focus (or in the case of a year ago, lack of alertness).

Well, cupcakes are done!  For my loyal readers, I will be featured soon on a blog called "Early Mama" in the next few weeks.  She talked to me about being considered a young mom, as well as my impending role as a Ph.D. student-mom.  I'll link it when it goes up.

Question: Should I start a blog about crafting, or feature it here?  I'm curious to see what my more dedicated bloggers say.

 - J & M.

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