Wednesday, November 23, 2011


It's Elliott's first Thanksgiving, and we are so thankful for everything we have!

Barney is thankful for...
 - His "mommy" and "daddy" who take care of him, scratch his ears, and feed him.
 - His "brother" who DOES NOT pull on his tail or mess with him.
 - his toys and comfy bed.
 - the birds, squirrels, and leaves that entertain him all day.

Elliott is thankful for...
 - Mama and Daddy, who love him and take care of him.
 - His extended family, who visit him as much as they can and love him.
 - His "brother" Barney who sniffs his head.
 - Teething rings and his toys, which help him relieve his sore gums.

Jason and Megan are thankful for...
 - Each other.
 - Jobs that let them support their family.
 - Their healthy happy little boy (and the fairly easy pregnancy)
 - Their (mostly) sweet and fluffy kitty-cat.
 - Their families and friends, who have supported them 100% through this last crazy year.

Enjoy time with your families tomorrow, and enjoy the weekend of turkey-based leftovers.

- J & M.