Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Autumn Appears

At every change of the season, I get excited.  I'm tired of heat and humidity, and I'm more than ready for the crisp fall air.  I adore fall for a number of reasons: The changing foliage, especially on drives to Central PA via the Turnpike; high school football; Halloween, and the candy that comes with it; and the approach to Thanksgiving.  This year, everything is more exciting because it is all "Elliott's first."  He has a sort-of Halloween costume.  It's a Halloween themed onesie and a pumpkin hat.  I don't know where to go trick-or-treating, and I can't go home because our area does it the Thursday before, and that's obviously not possible.  Perhaps near-by friends will take us along.  It's not that important, since he can't eat the candy anyway!

I started decorating, but I'll finish with the Halloween stuff in a week or so.  It seems like jumping the gun to put it up in September.

I'm also so busy with a number of projects.  I'm applying to graduate schools to hopefully enter a Ph.D program next fall.  I have a number of crochet projects to finish and start.  Because I'm teaching a seminar this spring, I need to plan for that, as it is a brand-new class.  Finally, I have to keep up with work and grading.  It's quite exhausting!

We have a few things to look forward to in the coming weeks.  Two good friends are getting married, and my parents are coming up to babysit over night, giving Jason and I a night away.  Other friends are visiting, my dad's birthday is in a few weeks, and my sister comes home at Thanksgiving.  Hopefully, Elliott will be baptized in the next few months, but it really depends on when my sister (his godmother) can be here from Raleigh.

What kind of fun fall things do you have planned?

- J & M.