Thursday, July 21, 2011

The First Few Days

Elliott is now 6 days old, and life is quite interesting.

We are doing really well, actually.  We're getting sleep (in short fits and spurts) and managing to maintain the house.  No, we're not hard-core cleaning, but just keeping things neat and sanitary.  We've also made it a priority to shower and take a little time for ourselves.  Elliott is a very easy-going little guy too, which helps.  He sleeps well, eats well, and is really healthy.  He has already gained back a lot of weight, and is currently at 7 pounds 6 ounces.  The goal is to be back at birth weight by 2 weeks, but the home nurse (who visited today) said he'll be well beyond that at this rate.

We had a pediatrician appointment yesterday (which was frustrating because it took a really long time and he had to eat late) and a home nurse visit today.  Our insurance covers one home nurse visit, so we took advantage of that.  Both said that he was doing well, and they also inquired how we were doing.  The home nurse was pleased with the things we're doing, and was even surprised to see us logging his feedings and diaper changes.  Those are really some of the best indications of his health at this point, so we keep a close eye on them.  We actually got some "training" with this with Barney, as the vet uses the same criteria to gauge an animal's health.  We knew Barney was sick a year and a half ago because he wasn't eating well.  It just requires some observation.

So, life here is good.  Barney is adapting well and has been extra snuggly with us at night.  Time for dinner (for all of us!).  I'll leave you with some adorable pictures: