Thursday, July 7, 2011

Due Date.

Well, our due date has arrived, but Elliott has not.

We had a doctor's appointment this morning, and while my body is ready to give birth, the baby is taking his time.  Our nurse practitioner feels like he will be here soon, but had us schedule two ultrasounds / non-stress tests, our next appointment, and an induction date.  The last part is just so we have an appointment (it's a very busy practice), and she really doesn't think it will be necessary.  After 40 weeks, the NST / ultrasounds are necessary just to make sure things are still hospitable for Elliott.  Again, we're hoping none are necessary and that he'll be here before Monday.  I also had my membranes stripped (or at least nurse practitioner doesn't think its good to be too rough, because there is potential for the waters to break accidentally during the stripping).  This might help things progress.  It also might not.  It wasn't too uncomfortable (definitely not painful), so if it has to happen again, so be it.

As anyone can imagine, I am more than ready to be done.  Last night I couldn't get comfortable, I was hot, and I was kinda sad that I still didn't have my little guy on the outside.  We had the air down to 67 degrees and I still felt like the room was full of hot air.  Blech.  This heat wave can end anytime as well.

I have been walking as much as possible to get things moving as well.  Because of the heat, I can't walk outside (by the time I wake up at 9 or 10, it's already in the 80s), so Carolyn took me to the mall so I could walk for about an hour yesterday.

I'm attempting to get things done for school, but my focus right now stinks.  I can't seem to finish any task, fun or otherwise.  I'll be in the middle of a granny square, go to the bathroom and forget that I was even crocheting.  Oh the joys of being pregnant.

Any rapid-fire updates (labor, delivery, etc.) will be on Facebook.  I'm hoping the next post is my birth story, but only Elliott can tell.

- J & M.


  1. Hang in there Megan! I've been there too. I had an induction date with Christopher, but he came 2 days before :) Just keep trying to remain active as hard as it is. It takes your mind off things and helps get things moving.

  2. Thanks for your constant encouragement Marjorie! You've been at both ends of the delivery spectrum (early labor and a later one), so you have a lot more experience. I'll keep as busy as possible and hopefully we'll be able to avoid induction. :D

  3. What. the heck. is membrane stripping?!!?!!

  4. Oh, it's lovely. It's a little like a pap smear on steroids and with a whole different purpose. I wasn't too uncomfortable, but some women find it really painful.

  5. I'm horrified, for the record. This kid better appreciate you and your insides.