Sunday, July 31, 2011

2 Weeks Old.

On Friday, Elliott turned 2 weeks old, which while it doesn't warrant cake and presents, it is a pretty big deal to us.  He's happy, healthy, and still a really sweet little boy.

The biggest issue we've had here is that sometimes, he sleeps through nighttime feedings, and because he doesn't wake up, he doesn't cry and wake us up either!  I've taken to setting an alarm after feedings so I wake him up in the appropriate amount of time.

He's also had tons of visitors over the last two weeks.  My parents have visited twice, aside from actually being around when he was born, and are expected again later today.  Jason's mom took the week off work to help me out when Jason returned to work, and his dad drove down with her the first day to visit.  My godparents have visited twice (they really wanted to hold him and didn't feel like they could when he was in the ICN).  Aside from that, friends and other family have come by the hospital or house to shower him and us with love, gifts, and food.

I feel awesome too, which I did not expect.  I can be a very emotional person who has crazy hormones, but I guess things are working in my favor.  I love taking care of him, although I feel at times as though I'm playing "house," since things are still kind of novel.  He definitely recognizes my voice, and he is learning to focus on our faces and other things in his line of sight.  On the off-chance that he both looks at me AND smiles, I feel like the Grinch when his heart grows three sizes.  It's a fantastic feeling.

Despite my joy in motherhood, I'm actually not dreading my return to work either.  I turned in all of my course materials on Thursday (to be duplicated), and I completed two weeks of lessons during the "long wait," so I can just enjoy my little one entirely until the week before school starts.  It's not full time, just MWF for about a total of 5 hours (including my commute).  I'm also gearing up to start my Ph.D. program applications for Fall 2012 admission.  Oddly enough, getting pregnant and having Elliott has made me more committed to continuing my education.  First, I want to be able to work to my full potential and get a great job to help provide for him.  However, I also recently read that most boys pursue the same level of education that their mothers achieved.  I'm not saying Elliott should get a Ph.D. in American Studies, but at least I'll model the importance of learning and striving for the top of his potential.  I just hope he always enjoys learning and growing intellectually.  I think that is crucial for a happy, well-rounded person.

On a non-baby-related note, I'm currently reading Bill Bryson's book A Short History of Nearly Everything, which is actually a science text.  He discusses, well, nearly everything major in science.  I've been learning about the vastness of space (you can't comprehend how vast), the theory of relativity (I actually sort of get it now), and the finer points of the atom.  This ties into my "lifelong learning" initiative.  I'm not a person who is inclined towards science, but it has always fascinated me, especially the field of geology.  Understanding the major breakthroughs and theories that make up our world is crucial to me.  So, if you feel like your understanding of science is lacking, or you had terrible teachers who made things difficult, this book is a great read.  Bryson is always humorous and has a colorful writing style that makes even the driest topic most engaging.  I'm using feedings to get a little reading in. I want to interact with Elliott, but he usually has his eyes closed anyway.  I'll relay the more fascinating tidbits to him from time to time, especially when Jason's not around for me to tell.  :)

- J & M.