Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July.

The summary of the weekend was not waiting for the baby to arrive.  Jason had the entire weekend off, which was awesome.  We tried to keep ourselves as busy as possible and hope that Elliott would "interrupt" our plans, but alas.  We are still here: Mama, Daddy, and B, with Elliott on the inside.  Barney is spending this post laying on top of the baby.

On Friday, we had a doctor's appointment (which we hope is the last, but only Elliott knows for sure), so we went into the city and had lunch with Jenny at a little pizza place in the Italian Market.  I really had a craving for thin-crust, greasy cheese pizza, and this totally satisfied.  I know, I know...not really what would be classified as "healthy," but I eat pretty well most of the time.  Anyway, at the doctor's, they found that I'm 1 cm dialated and he's making good progress towards coming out.  It didn't really get my hopes up all that much (I could stay at that for days), but at least something was happening.  We made an appointment for the 7th (our due date) and hopefully we won't have to go.  We also went shopping afterwards for some last minute essentials, comfy post-pardum clothes, and food.  As an added surprise, the country club across the street had a beautiful fireworks display that night!  We had no idea where all the noise was coming from (and scaring the beejeezus out of Barney), but we walked into the front courtyard and there were our neighbors watching the fireworks.  It was nice, but I wish I had remembered to bring my camera down.

Saturday initially was shaping up to be pretty mundane.  I was starting to fear that we would literally sit around waiting for the baby to show up.  Fortunately, Dave called and said he was having a small get-together to watch fireworks from his roof-deck.  It was nice to see people and just sit around in a new setting.  We debated taking our car into the city or perhaps taking regional rail, but we ended up just driving in (just in case...).  Of course, no baby, but better safe than sorry.

We had plans all along for Sunday, which did help make the weekend a little more "normal 4th of July." My great-uncle Eddie has a bungalow in North Wildwood (NJ), and my dad's family was spending the weekend there.  My parents, sister, her friend Becky, and assorted aunts, cousins, and uncles would be in attendance.  We were invited for the weekend a while ago, but knew that wouldn't be possible.  However, once it became evident this past week that Elliott wasn't coming, we asked if we could visit for the day.  They were happy to have us!  When we got up, it looked pretty overcast and rainy.  Oh well.  My mom suggested that if the weather was sub-par, we could go to Cape May or Ocean City to shop.  Fine with me.  Well, as we pulled into North Wildwood, the sun came out and it ended up being a beautiful beach day.  It was so relaxing to sit on the beach, stand in the surf, and walk up and down the beach with my mom.  I feel pretty good about my pregnant body, so I felt good about walking around in my bathing suit.  That's a nerve-wracking feeling for anyone, but pregnancy adds both a strange confidence and self-awareness about ones body, so I wasn't sure if I'd even take off my cover up.  I left my shorts on, but I was also trying to avoid getting burned anywhere that would be especially painful when I was in labor.  We spent a couple hours at the beach, then had a steak dinner back at the house and started watching a movie.  I felt kinda icky, so Jason and I left around 9:30 (well before the movie was over).  The day had us wiped, so it was nice to come home to our cool apartment.

Monday was a lazy day.  I watched my favorite musical (1776, in honor of the holiday) and just did little things around the house.  We got hoagies for dinner and Rita's as a treat later in the evening.  We were invited to a party in the city, but the idea of driving into Philadelphia and parking on the city's special day seemed daunting, to say the least.  By the way: Did you  know that Rita's has strawberry custard now?  I didn't have any this trip (I didn't see it until I was already devouring my mint-chocolate gelati), but I think it would be delicious with the Alex's Lemonade water ice.  You can also get it swirled with vanilla.  Mmmm.

Anyway, today, we go back to normal.  Jason goes to work, I hang around the house waiting for Elliott to let me know he wants out.  I plan on crocheting and doing course prep, but I may just take a lot of naps and clean the bathroom.  I feel kinda crampy and achy today, so maybe that's a good sign.  I know my life will change so much when he gets here, but I am so bored with just being around the apartment.

We will keep you updated!  You made it to the end of this really long post.  Here are some firework pictures from the 2nd:

- J & M.