Saturday, June 25, 2011

Baby Shower #2 / Father's Day

On the 18th, my two best friends from college threw me another baby shower, this one for my friends from Philly.  My mom, Jill, and Sarah also came in for the festivities, which was really nice.  My mom and sister hadn't seen a lot of my friends since the wedding, so it was a nice reunion for all.

We got some more adorable things, including Elliott's first pair of Chucks (I already know I want a photo of us in our wedding Chucks and E in his little grey ones...a perfect combo).  Our friends were so generous and Elliott is pretty much outfitted completely.   Here are some pictures:

Our adorable cake.

Sweet little favors.

All the guests made a page and wrote Elliott notes.  :)

Michele and I.

Sara and I.

Me and my mom.

Sarah and I.

Elliott's first Chucks.

Jill and my mom.
The next day was Father's Day (and my parent's 29th wedding anniversary), so Jason and I went home for the day.  I got Jason "Go the Eff to Sleep" and a recipe journal (it's so cool: it has different sections for you to fill in as you make and tweak you favorite recipes).  Even though Elliott isn't here quite yet, I thought it was nice to get Jason something.  He got me flowers for Mother's Day.  Our families met up at the Yinger's and we had Slow Country Boil (so good).  Sarah and I bought our dad a day at Hersheypark, complete with dinner wherever he wanted to go.  Sarah took him on Tuesday, and he had a fantastic time.

Now we just wait for Elliott to arrive.  Jason and I went to Babies 'R' Us to complete our registry (ha...they didn't have half of what we wanted at the store...) and I just finished ordering some essentials from our Amazon registry (most importantly our Boppy and Sophie the Giraffe).  What no one seems to have in stock (or discounted with our completion) is the cloth diapers we want.  The whole world seems to be against our decision to cloth diaper the baby.  We were planning on using disposables for the first few weeks (at the suggestion of friends who have successfully cloth diapered their daughter for two years, and have another on the way).  Still, we need to buy the diapers!  Sigh.  We'll find a way.

I also had a doctor's appointment on Wednesday (38 weeks), and externally, labor does not seem to be close.  My doctor offered to do an internal, but said I'd probably be disappointed by the results, so I declined.  Besides, from what I understand, an internal just tells you where you are RIGHT NOW.  It can't predict anything more.  I could be dialated and walk around at the same stage for days, or go from nothing at all to having a baby in a day.  Therefore, I keep walking and eating spicy foods.  :)

I don't have much left to do either in preparation.  A few things need to be hung up in the nursery (a task for Jason's day off tomorrow); I made spaghetti sauce to freeze; I have other meals lined up; his clothing is all washed; the hospital bag is packed; the car seat is installed; and I just need to write some thank-you notes and finish some course prep.  Elliott's arrival is pretty much all I think about, but honestly, what else could I think about!

I do have great friends who have come by to take me to lunch or invite me out.  Otherwise, I'd probably just sit in the house waiting.  It's too hot most days to go on a walk during the afternoon either.  He'll be here soon enough.  I just have to be patient.

- J & M.