Friday, June 3, 2011

35 Weeks

Look at that...I'm already posting again.

Yesterday marked the exact 35 week mark, but I generally blog on the days I have doctor's appointments, which was today.  From now on, I suppose, I'll be having Friday appointments.  Every week.  Until the baby is born.  Which could be three weeks from now.  Ack.

The doctor's appointment was normal, except for the addition of the Group B Strep test.  Now, so far, I have felt fairly well informed, and when I'm unsure of something, I simply ask or consult a couple of sources.  I thought I knew what Group B Strep was.  I was incorrect.  The nurse asked if the swab had been conducted, and I said no.  I assumed they swabbed the inside of my mouth.  So did Jason.  Without being vulgar...we were wrong.  Very very wrong.  We'll get the results back next week, and if I do have it, they just treat you for it while you're in labor.  I'll have an IV in anyway, most likely, so I won't even notice.  I just felt silly for not knowing more.

We also took our hospital tour today.  L&D at Penn is finishing some renovations, so there were work-people and construction stuff everywhere.  Things were sealed off so babies and mommas don't get all kinds of dust and stuff everywhere.  It was almost like being in a weird zombie L&D.  We saw a labor and delivery room, although the ones with jacuzzi tubs were filled (I hope to get one of those).  It's a pretty sizable room, and apparently I can have up to three support people with me at a time.  That being said, I have granted permission to a total of two people to be in the delivery room with me.  I guess if I'm in labor for a while, I'll have visitors.  We got a lot of questions answered and I feel a little more at ease with the whole thing.  I'm still nervous, don't get me wrong.  The last time I was in a hospital for medical care was 25 years ago when I was born.  I don't really remember the experience.  I'm getting better with needles, but I haven't shaken it totally yet.  However, I figure that lots of women do this every day, so I will be fine.  I need to go in with a positive, yet flexible attitude, and with the idea that labor won't last forever.

On another baby-related note, I recently ordered some nursing tops from the Gap, who was having a tremendous sale (I think I ended up saving 40 or 50 percent).  According to FedEx and the Postal Service, my package was delivered.  However, after an extensive search of the mail drop points around our apartment complex, my package is no where to be found.  My feelings are that either A) it was stolen   B) it was delivered to the wrong complex (there are a couple on our street...) or C) the post man is currently wearing my nursing tank-top.  I've spoken directly with the Postal Service and they are going to talk to the mail-person about where exactly the package was dropped.  Le sigh...I have a terrible feeling that I'm never going to see those tops.  : /

The next post will most likely be a shower post!  Pictures to come!  :)

- J & M.