Friday, January 2, 2015

2015: The Year of the Yingers.

2014 was really a mixed bag. I went back and looked at my goals for 2014, and I did achieve about half of them (and they were all that's good). However, I definitely hope to have a more stable 2015.

In that spirit, I have declared this "The Year of the Yingers." I turn 30 at the end of the year, and that is sort of looming over my head. I'm not concerned with aging (it is inevitable), but more with making the most of 29.

I have a list of goals, but I'm primarily focusing on three buzzwords for the year.

1. Focus - Be present; one thing at a time. This is far more effective than the insane multitasking I had to do in order to finish coursework.
2. Balance - No one thing should overtake my life for long. I want a fulfilling job, but I don't want it to prevent me from family time or dancing (which has allowed me to maintain sanity and physical health).
3. Security - Financial security is a major goal this year. I'm not being ambitious with this. I just want to be able to pay off loans, save appropriately, and prevent life from unraveling because of one major expense.

My goals all tie into these, but they will help me focus when the specific goals need to take a back seat.

Goals for 2015:

1. Defend my dissertation, or at least be ready to defend for spring 2016: Once I finish, no more tuition, no more stalling. I'll have the degree in hand and can look for jobs that require the Ph.D. I'm in a good place with this, so as long as I keep working at the same pace.

2. Get a full time job with benefits.

3. Finish potty training Elliott: There will be no diapers in 2016.

4. Build an emergency savings account.

5. Pay off my car.

6. Complete the 40 Days, 40 Bags challenge (even if it takes more than 40 days).

7. Get Elliott and I through our first dance recital together: I haven't danced in about 11 years regularly, and Elliott started dance classes in the fall. I am responsible for choreographing 3 dances, remembering 4 others as an assistant, and performing in 9 others. Our recital is actually split into three separate shows to keep things manageable, so Elliott only performs in the 11 am "preschool" show, while I perform in all three. It's going to be a chaotic spring at dance, but really fun.

8. Be a kick-ass MOH at my sister's wedding: See also, being a kick-ass guest at 4 other weddings (at least).

9. Become a more confident chef: Jason is definitely the cook in our family, but I want to learn more dishes and techniques.

10. Finish my crochet projects currently in progress, get rid of yarn, and complete some bigger projects.

I have made lists in other years too: 2013, 2012

- M.