Monday, February 11, 2013

Action is the foundation of all success.

That quote, in a beautifully designed desktop wall paper I found through How About Orange, has been my inspiration for the last week or so.

It may sound as though I'm being hard on myself, but I really could be more productive.  I could find better ways to do certain things, and I could watch a lot less TV.  Still, my intentions are good that that has to count for something, right?

That all said, 40 Bags 40 Days starts this Wednesday!  I have my first few days all figured out.  Unlike Sarah over at Clover Lane, I count weekends because they allow me to tackle the big projects (re-configuring the kitchen; dealing with the attic; beautifying our yard).  However, that gives me days off during the week.  I'm also going on a few conferences just before Easter, so those days are lost.

 - Wednesday, 2/13: Digital devices.  Move music around, remove unused apps, clean the screens, and get my portable life in order.
 - Thursday, 2/14: Needlecraft supplies.  I like starting with this, since it makes my goal to finish crochet projects a little easier.  I'd like to think this will be quicker than last year, but I'm not so sure.
 - Friday, 2/15: Main bathroom.  The shelves are cluttered and not as useful as I wish, and the area underneath the sink is not great looking either.  This is mainly an issue of a deep clean.
 - Saturday and Sunday, 2/16-2/17: Kitchen!  Now that we've been in our house a while, we know where things should be in order to be more efficient.  I'm especially excited about creating a coffee and tea station.

I'll try to get as many before and after pictures as possible, but these posts can get monotonous.  Therefore, I'll be keeping them to Sundays.  If I can find a way, I want to link up other home organization efforts with my own.  I'll let you know if / when that materializes.

- M.