Friday, January 11, 2013

Starting with a Bang

I'm a crazy woman.

I have four classes this semester, which I took on because of financial reasons, and I knew the workload would be challenging, but not impossible.  Without really thinking about it, I also volunteered to be the first presenter in our class on a second text.  In this particular course, our professor asked that everyone pair up and read one extra book, presenting it to the class so we are exposed to even more books than we could possibly discuss as a whole class.  I like going first and getting things over with, but it definitely makes the semester seem more difficult from this perspective.

Otherwise, I really like my new schedule.  MWF's are full of time at school to get homework and graduate assistant work done, as well as schedule PRODUCTIVE meetings (I had a weekly meeting last semester that was frequently a waste of our time).  Tuesdays and Thursdays allow me to have free time with Elliott, dinner with my sister, and two really interesting classes at night.  Wednesday this week was long (8:30am to 9pm), but once my graduate assistant assignments get going, I'll have plenty to do.

I've stuck with some of my goals pretty well for this first week of class, although exercising has suffered.  I try to take the stairs a lot.

This weekend will be full of reading for class, working on projects, and FINALLY cleaning up from Christmas.  I got all of the ornaments and decorations packed away, but I need to take down the tree and put up Valentine's / winter decor.

Not the most exciting update, but happily, there isn't much to report.

- M.