Monday, December 5, 2011

In Praise of the Moby

This entry is brought to you by the Moby.

What is a Moby?  Oh, it is a lifesaver.  It allows me to comfort my son when his teeth and gums are so very sore, while also making dinner or grading papers.  Right now, he is asleep on my chest, calm as could be.  20 minutes ago, he was crying and giving me that look.  Moms know that look.  It says "Mama, why are my gums on fire?  AHHHHHHH!"  A few minutes of walking around in the wrap (with the lights low) and he is out.

The wrap is one of those things that people stereotype in Mommyland. Some women see the wrap and think "Attachment Parent!  Oh noes!"  I used to.  I lumped it in with crunchy granola parenting practices such as nursing until age three, co-sleeping, and raising gender-free children.  However, I saw it in action not long before I got pregnant.  It was on the street, and the couple was having a quiet conversation, and their little one was blissfully dozing.  They looked a lot like me and Jason.  I registered for one.  My cousin's wife used it with much success, and when I opened it at my shower (thanks Aunt Jan), she immediately sang its praises.  Another friend used it when she and her family chaperoned a school trip to Italy.

I tried it early on, once I got confident even holding E.  He was not happy about it.  I asked the friend who used it in Italy (in the summer, no less) for advice.  "It's all about confidence," she stated.  "If you seem tentative and awkward, he won't feel as secure."  I tried again when E was about 4 weeks old.  He fell asleep immediately.  I used it for the next couple of weeks, including on our beach vacation.  When we stayed a night at a hotel, I used it to carry him to breakfast and eat.  After the earthquake, I carried him around for the next few hours, just to calm my nerves.

At about 2 months, he wanted nothing to do with it again.  He was too big for the newborn hold, but did not possess the muscle development to hold his head in the hug hold.  I put the Moby away, assuming I wouldn't see it again until Baby #2 (which is a number of years away).

Cut to the past week.  Elliott has been teething and inconsolable during the late afternoon and early evening.  He wants to be held and walked around the apartment, which as he pushes 16 or 17 pounds, does a number on my arms and back.  I thought about the Moby.  I slipped him in (he has excellent head control and has for a little while) and he fell asleep.  I used it at my parent's this past weekend.  Jason learned to use it on Sunday.

I honestly urge Mamas with colic-y or "high-needs" babies to give the Moby a try.  It's a bit pricy ($40), so ask to borrow one from a friend.  I had great success, but some babies may not take to it as well.

 - J & M.

PS: This product endorsement is all due to the joy of having a happy baby.  Moby did not pay me to say any of this.