Thursday, December 29, 2011

Elliott's First Christmas!

Someone couldn't wait to open presents...6am.

One of the many super cool outfits he got.

We'll wait a few years, but we do love Charlotte's Web

Rock 'n' roll!  

Special gift from Mama.

Jason, Elliott, and Grandma Bebe.
Christmas was wonderful!  A few notes:

1. We got so many wonderful things for Christmas and we are truly blessed to have such wonderful family members.  The highlight of the gifts include: PJ pants that look like acid washed jeans (Jason); Beatles print   and a Vera Bradley laptop case (Megan); and a stuffed aquarium (Elliott).  Again, we loved everything and didn't have to (or want to) exchange a thing.

2. We are exhausted.  Elliott is definitely feeling the rush-around.  We've had plans every day, and even though Elliott hasn't joined us on each one, being left with a babysitter (grandparents), its a disruption to his schedule.  We have all had colds.

3.  Church was weird.  People don't know how to dress for mass anymore.  Casual jeans and hoodies are not acceptable church-wear, even for Saturday vigil.  Nor are hooker heels and too-short dresses.  The homily was REALLY WEIRD.  The theme was "Christmas is for adults only."  Father likened it to fireworks.  It made no sense and I really hope he didn't give it at the 6:30 children's mass.  I'm also still getting used to the changes in the mass's wording, so I felt silly.

- J & M.