Monday, February 1, 2010

33 Days!

Today marks 33 days until Jason and I's wedding! Ahhh! We are constantly reminding each other of it, and we could not be more excited. Things are really coming together and last night, I was thrown another shower, this time by my mom and Jill's (Future Mother in Law) friends. In my mom's case, I've known most of these ladies since we moved to Central PA 20 years ago, so they had some adorable stories about how they met me. It was hosted by Kim and all the ladies pitched in to make the day really special. Pictures to come. Jason and I also got some sweet stuff, so we're pretty excited about all that.

In other news, I have two new jobs (which I haven't updated this blog about). I'm a history professor at La Salle and a dance teacher at Fusion School of Dance, Music, and Acting in Cherry Hill. Both jobs are very new to me, so each day is a challenge. However, both jobs are also something I would love to do with my life, so the challenges are welcome and always productive.

Things here in Roxborough are good, all in all. Barney is cute, healthy, and essentially, our little boy covered in fur. He was really happy to see us last night when we came home from a weekend away. "Uncle" Doug took good care of him. We can't take Barney on as many car trips because he gets very upset and car sick. I'm bummed about it, but I'd rather he be comfortable than scared.

Comment away...I promise I'll update more often.

- J & M.

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  1. Thanks for sayin you like my bangs. I've just been so busy admiring your pretty announcement/invite that I forgot to mail it in!

    We'll be there!