Sunday, March 21, 2010


We got married!

The day was beautiful, I felt lovely, Jason was adorable, and the reception was a blast! There were times leading up to the day that I was worried we had made odd decisions and that things wouldn't work, but those ended up being the biggest hits. I had Megan and Maeve do make-up and hair, and they both did wonderful jobs with everyone. People mingled and mixed, and Jason and I hosted a pretty hopping after-party. Many of our friends came out, and home friends were talking with Masque people, and it was just wild.

The honeymoon was also a ton of fun. We went on a three-night Disney cruise, then spent 4 nights in Disney World. We even got to be the grand marshals of the Magic Kingdom parade! We also spent a day with Emily in Epcot and MGM, which was fun.

However, we're happy to be home (with B!) We had a busy weekend to cap off our wedding weeks, with the Mid-Atlantic American Studies Conference and the Improv 101 Alumni show. Nancy and Scott and Miss Anne visited for the conference too! We're thrilled to get a day to relax and start our regular schedules again.

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- J & M