Sunday, March 21, 2010


We got married!

The day was beautiful, I felt lovely, Jason was adorable, and the reception was a blast! There were times leading up to the day that I was worried we had made odd decisions and that things wouldn't work, but those ended up being the biggest hits. I had Megan and Maeve do make-up and hair, and they both did wonderful jobs with everyone. People mingled and mixed, and Jason and I hosted a pretty hopping after-party. Many of our friends came out, and home friends were talking with Masque people, and it was just wild.

The honeymoon was also a ton of fun. We went on a three-night Disney cruise, then spent 4 nights in Disney World. We even got to be the grand marshals of the Magic Kingdom parade! We also spent a day with Emily in Epcot and MGM, which was fun.

However, we're happy to be home (with B!) We had a busy weekend to cap off our wedding weeks, with the Mid-Atlantic American Studies Conference and the Improv 101 Alumni show. Nancy and Scott and Miss Anne visited for the conference too! We're thrilled to get a day to relax and start our regular schedules again.

Comment away!

- J & M


  1. I'm so glad you are the Yingers. It's so fun to be official, don't you think? Hooray for Megan and Jason!

  2. And don't forget, Auntie! You got to slow dance with your niece! I will laugh if there is a picture of that floating around somewhere. You know I'll always have your back :-)