Wednesday, October 21, 2009


One of the major obstacles Jason and I have had to overcome as a couple is our differing views on pets. While we both love them, the species is what comes into question. The McGee's are cat people, and I have not gone more than a few months of my life with out a cat. The Yinger's are dog people, and Jason loves dogs. As a kicker, I'm sorta afraid of dogs (I'm getting much better) and Jason is allergic to cats. So, I had more or less come to grips with the fact that I would be a dog person from now on, which made me a little sad.

My bridal shower was this weekend, so Jason was left to his own devices Saturday and Sunday, while I went home with my bridesmaids (sans Michele) to have love showered upon me. On Sunday, when Sara and I returned to the greater Philadelphia area, we called Jason so he could put some shoes on and helps us unload the loot. He said he had a surprise for me, which I could only guess was a visit from Michele, so we should come up first. Fine, we thought. We came upstairs, and I gave my man a kiss. "Where's my surprise," I inquired. "Check out the couch," he replied. At first, I didn't see anything. Then he lifted "Big Blue" (this giant blue pillow I've had for A-15 roommates named it), and underneath was a tiny, black KITTEN. This was quite a surprise indeed.

A woman Jason works with has a cat who recently had kittens, so he had been thinking about it for a little while, even asking her to bring fur from her cat to see how much it bothered him. He picked our kitten up on Saturday for a trial overnight, just in case the allergens bothered him far too much. Fortunately for me, they did not and we have our little buddy. Jason picked him because he was sleeping...surprise.

We named him "Barney" after Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother, which is one of our favorite shows. We considered a number of television-inspired names (Hurley, Sawyer, Marshall...), but Barney fits. His white markings look a little like a suit. He is so cute and I love having a little friend around during the day. Jason also loves the cat, so we're all happy. We enjoy "raising" Barney, teaching him to use the litterbox and not to scratch things. He's a good little kitten, and has already started using the litterbox on his own. We're like proud parents to a very very fuzzy little boy. :D

- M & J

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