Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Life at 330.

Well, Jason and I have been living together for almost a month now, and I have to say, it's pretty awesome. We still haven't gotten every thing unpacked and where it needs to be. We're still missing a few pieces of furniture. There are still piles of my junk hanging out all over. However, it works right now and we do a little here and there.

I've been steadily working on my thesis, with one of the chapters really coming close to a final-rough draft. I still have to start 2 or 3 chapters, and get some serious edits going on the other, but I feel comfy with the way things are going. I also tried out for a play and got called back. However, I haven't heard back yet, and I'm keeping my hopes low in order to avoid real disappointment. It was still fun to get back on the proverbial horse, since I hadn't attempted theatre since Picasso.

We also bought some more Wii games at the Game Stop sale, and I'm really enjoying "De Blob," which is so much fun! Basically, you are a blob and you roll around making things colorful and liberating this city from the evil ink oppressors. I'm on level 5 and Jason's on level 2. He had to beat Zelda first. We borrowed that from Fred.

Not much else to report. Pictures of the new digs when I feel like things look organized enough.

200 days until the wedding!

- J & M.

PS: If you commented and we didn't respond, it's because we didn't have it set up that comments were sent to my email. Sorry Gwen and thanks for your comment! :)

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