Saturday, July 25, 2009

Revenge of the Nerds

Last weekend was quite a nerdy weekend for Jason and I.

First, I drove to Philadelphia alone for the first time with my car bursting at the seams with my crap, aka: move #1. It went very smoothly, even though I got started late and didn't get to Philly until almost midnight. Oh well.

On Friday, we lounged, then decided to see Harry Potter in the evening. When we got the movie theatre for the 8pm show, we found that it was sold out. This was probably all for the better since we didn't want to be dealing with tweens for two and a half hours. We bought our 9pm tickets, and walked over the mall. Jason wanted to go to GameStop and buy MarioKart for the Wii because we're a bit obsessed with it. It turns out that GameStop was having a sale of buy 2 used games, get another free. Well, we were all over that and ended up with 6 used games for the price of three new games. I have latched on to Mario Brothers' Galaxy (which is like Super Mario World for SNES, only 3-D and in space). Jason's gotten all kinds of things opened up in Mario Kart, and we have enjoyed playing Wii Music, Dancing with the Stars, and Mario and Sonic at the Olympics. Jason also bought a Resident Evil game, so obviously I know nothing about that. We might go back and get more games soon...who knows?

We enjoyed Harry Potter, but it really deviated from the books, so we're interested in seeing how movies 7a and 7b are played out. We also both have the hankering to read books 6 and 7 again. We <3 Harry Potter.

Saturday Jason went to work and I stayed around the house waiting for my parents to drop off some things from their house. They didn't stay long and soon after they left, I played some video games, worked on my thesis, and Jason was home. We decided to have some people over, but this party was a little less populated than the last. Doug and Jen came over and we drank, played video games, and played Seinfeld Scene-It, which Jason won. Doug and Jason also got really into playing Dancing with the Stars, which we bought for Jason's mom, but after trying it out (to make sure nothing was wrong with it), we realized she probably wouldn't like the game.

Sunday was another lazy day of unpacking, cleaning, and general organizing of our home. We also made our infamous cheesy crab soup...mmmm.

On Monday, I had planned to go back to central PA, but after talking to my dad and finding out that Quizzo plans were happening, I decided to stay an extra day. Jason had my keys made, so I could come and go as I pleased. I also had my car, so I decided to go on an adventure. I went to Staples, then drove to the Chemical Road shopping center and bought CD's and some hardware. All in all, a productive afternoon. Doug picked me up for Quizzo around 7, and we had dinner at the Dark Horse. My team (Team Space Pants) came really close to winning, but we got edged out at the end. It was great to see my friends again before this final week in Central PA. I came home to find Jason playing Dancing with the Stars.

The rest of the week after I got home was all about preparing for the move, so not much to report. I spent Thursday at Nancy and Scott's visiting and helping with the baby. We had delicious orange chicken, and Nancy got a wicked oil burn on her hand. Quite the exciting night.

I've had my Caddy Shack dinner, and now I am ready to move to Philadelphia. Co-habitation begins tomorrow!

- J & M.

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  1. ahh cohabitation, enjoy ;)

    1. mario galaxy is coooooool, you just reminded me that i had that game and never finished it! thanks!
    2. resident evil is SCARY. Lou plays it and i love watching it but i always end up being dumb and jumping when the zombies yell