Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Long Weekend

Jason and I have had an incredibly long week since the last post.

Following our epic books post (thanks again emib), we embarked upon a trip of epic proportions, and at the time, we had no idea how very long it would be.

Saturday afternoon (the 4th), Jason and I packed up our things and drove to Harrisburg for some 4th of July fireworks and last minute packing before the Finger Lakes. While we were home we found out that Miss Nancy and Mister Scott's beautiful baby girl made her debut! Anne Beth was born in true American Studies fashion on the fourth of July and Jason and I could not be happier for such a wonderful couple (and fantastic friends). Anyway, I finished making shirts for the crew and we spent the evening at Nik's house, playing Wii, setting off fireworks, and having some delicious beers, as well as waiting for fireworks that never materialized.

Sunday morning came quickly and Fred picked Jason and I up in Middletown. Rather than let Nik's parent's house become a dumping ground for everyone's cars, we all found ways to carpool and such, so Fred kindly picked Jason and I up. We stopped at Dunkin' Donuts and Barnes and Noble's before getting back to the Shah's. By 1:30, 2...we were on the road. It was an easy drive up, between the singing, Mad-Libbing and sleepies. Our double wide trailer was lovely and all in all, the week went well. See our pictures on Facebook.

When we returned to Middletown on Friday, we discovered that Jason's car had been towed for being in an emergency construction the parking lot of my apartment building. Muchos dineros later, we had his car back, but we're going to fight to get our dineros back. We stopped at Nancy and Scott's to see Anne (so cute!) and made our way to Mom and Dad McGee's BYOM BBQ. (Bring Your Own Meat). While we were there, Jason found out that his Nana had passed away and we soon had to be on the road again. We drove to Philly (Jason had to work), then back again on Sunday morning to Harrisburg for me to re-pack, and to pick up stuff for Jason's parents and meet up with Tim (Jason's older brother). We made it to Pittsburgh by 9ish and stayed up way too late watching "The Game" (don't bother).

The next morning's service was lovely and by 3:30, we were back on our way to Harrisburg. When we finally got back, I took my poor pickel to Panera (we also discovered that Jason's turn signal was out on the Pittsburgh leg of the trip). We went to Mom and Dad McGee's to have a quiet meal. After this weekend, we really wanted to be somewhere quiet. Jason and my dad fixed his turn signal (yay dad!) and Jason took off for Philly. I'm now at Mom and Dad's for a few days to work and relax.

I hope this week shapes up for everyone, since the weekend was so sad.

I'm back in Philly on Thursday. Jason and I are planning cheesesteaks and Harry Potter for Friday afternoon than who knows! Hopefully we can also squeeze in another beach day and make good use of our season OCNJ beach passes. Let us know if you will be free.

Also, I'm looking for some strapping young men and hearty young women to help me move on the 25th or 26th of July. Right now it's just me and dad (Jason has to work). If you will be available and in the Philly area, let me know if you can lend a hand lifting my unusually heavy dresser or moving my wacky puzzle sofa.

- J & M.

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